Since its debut, PierreBasseneWorld has allowed people to express themselves through its unique and avant-guard designs.

The brand uses skilled techniques to ensure that every garment is crafted exceptionally. From sewing, screen printing, spray painting, embroidery, and dyeing every piece sold is uniquely and entirely hand-designed.

Currently, we are present on two social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram. We are extremely active on both platforms to ensure transparency and knowledge of upcoming events/launch drops. We have created an active community through both channels allowing them to voice their opinions and suggestions for future collections.

At PierreBasseneWorld, we strongly value our brand image. Our consumers can easily identify the brand through our logo, the fingerprint. The fingerprint defines identity which is how the consumers can relate to the brand. Finding their identity through the brand. Our goal and objective are to provide our consumers with the freedom of expression through our designs. PierreBasseneWorld encompasses the beauty of differentiation through individuality.